Other Services

Mobile App Prototypes

Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars, let us build you a fully functioning prototype at a fraction of the cost. Launch it on the Apple and Google Store and find out what your audience thinks.

Web Scraping

If the data you need is not available through a public API, let us scrape the data for you from public sites.

Mobile and Web App General Maintenance

Browsers updates, new device releases, device software updates, library updates(plugins), Apple policy updates, Google Play policy udpates. Any of these can break features in your app. We can get you app working again usually in days.

Mobile and Web App Bug Fixing

Are you plauged with bugs from a previous developer. No worries. We can go in, identify the issues and get you up and running again.

Mobile and Web App Testing (Automated and QA)

Tests are essential, but not all developers write them. If you want to continue building your app, you have to have acceptable code coverage. There is no way around that. Let us get you the test code coverage that you need, so you can confidently build more.

Small to Large Scale Beta Testing

Real feedback from live users. 10 - 100+ targeted beta testers. Target by: age, education, gender, income, location, tech experience, and more.

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