I Teach People How to Build Successful Online Apps

... and when you are ready, our team of engineers, designers and testers can build your app to spec in record time

Validate Your Idea

We will walk you thorugh on how to validate your idea.

Feature List

We will help you define the best feature list for your initial release.

Build Out

We will design, build, test and launch your app.

8WeekApp Online Course

Learn how to validate, build, test, and launch your app.

Validate Your Idea

Most apps fail. If you can get through these 6 steps, you may have a winner.

Define Your Feature List

Learn what features you should build out for your MVP

Design Prototype

Experience exactly how the app will look and feel before a line of code is ever written.


Understand what technologies you can use to code, host and manage your project

The Team

Build your team, and manage it like an assembly line.

The Launch

There are tasks you need to complete before during and after the launch.

8WeekApp Ebook

Validating your idea

So you have a great idea, what next? We are going to find out who is dying for your app and how to make the idea even better

Marketing your app

Automate your audience and grow it by 1000's every month.

Advertising your app

Advertise on any budget. I'm going to show you both organic and paid advertising tricks

How to earn money

The 5 most common strategies to earn revenue.

Pitching to investors

There are 3 types of investors, and each expects a certain pitch. Know what to pitch and how to find them.

Launching your app

By this time, there should be thousands of people waiting for your app launch, and they will have told you exactly what they want.

We can build

some amazing features

Push Notifications

Instantly reach out to your customers on the devices they use every day.

In app purchasing

Keep your users in the app with carts, checkouts, and in-app purchasing

Social Walls & Groups

Your own social network inside the app. Community walls people can post on and get notifications from.

Geo Fencing

Push notifications triggered within a pre-set perimeter near your business

On-demand Maps

Like uber, your user can order any service on demand and see it on a map

Content Management System

upload and post messages, images, videos, podcasts and more


Every developer just quoted me a price and wanted me to hire them. No one walked me through the business side. Rodman spent over an hour coaching me through a lot and never once tried to push me. He is passionate about my success.

Wow! You showed me so many things that I had no idea about. I love the fact that you told me that starting an app build was too much risk now. I needed to start with a prototype and validate the idea.

After the coaching session, it was clear that I wasn't nearly as ready as I thought I was. Now I know what I need to work on before I move forward. That call saved me a ton of headache and potentially thousands.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to hello@product.com

Does the call cost anything

Absolutely not. I want you to be fully informed about the business side and tech side of launching an app before you ever spend a dime with me or anyone else.

Why do you offer free coaching

I love talking about apps. But more importantly, most apps fail. And they fail because owners start the process before understanding all the risks that are involved. Each risk can be measured and limited, but you have to have a plan.

How do I book a call

Click here to book a time.

What type of apps do you build?

We build apps for businesses with foot traffic, ecommerce stores like shopify and custom apps for totally new ideas.

What if I want features that aren't here?

We also build custom apps from scratch. If you can think of it, we can build it. Contact us at hello@8weekapp.com for a custom quote.

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